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Zurgena Electronic Television and Audio Services
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We provide repair and service of:
  • TV sets, Plasma, LCD, traditional Tube  (CRT), LED
  • Audio HiFi, home stereo, Midi systems, surround sound, Public Address and sound reinforcement.
  • Vintage valve HiFi (Leak, Quad, Rogers, Cyrus) and TVs a  specialist service
  • Games Consoles - Play Station 2, PS3, X-Box, Nintendo DS, DSi, DS3D, Wii
  • Amplifiers, guitar amplifiers, valve and solid state Marshall, Fender WEM.
  • Commercial broadcast and studio equipment, AM and FM (VHF) transmission systems, mixing desks, microphones, CD and tape systems, Reel to Reel tape recorders
  • Telephone systems, PABXs etc.
  • Process control, air conditioning control PCBs, electric gate and lighting control systems,
  • PCs, networks and associated applications.
  • Uninterruptible Power supplies (UPS), Solar inverter systems.
  • Household electrical and electronic items.

Our Repair philosophy
When we undertake a repair of any piece of equipment, be it a TV, HiFi, we will never limit the service to just the problem to hand.
Whilst  the item in question is being worked on, all the common possible fault areas of the item will be checked. Belonging to various professional forums and the European Service  consortium, EURAS, access to  a huge amount of data relating to all kinds of products is easily to hand. For example, if an LCD TV is being worked on for a reported fault with the sound, the set will be checked for all known faults which could cause failure in the future.  This could be checking the power supply for dry joints, correct voltages, checking components that would normally be suspect after a few years of operation etc.
The customer will receive a report as what has been done in order to bring the item into service and faulty items replaced will be available. As long as our customer is happy, we will be happy. It's as simple as that.

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