Analizador de espectro ANRITSU MS62B

Este Anritsu MS62B vino junto con varios otros equipos de prueba como parte de una especie de hallazgo de cobertizo. Spent a bit of time working my way through the power supply front end as it seemed to be dead. Should have looked at the simple things first, finding a small connector not seated properly. With the power on, I struggled to get an image. It’s a CRT storage display, which I am not a fan of. After scratching my head with a lack of schematics, I traced the wires from the intensity control back to the CRT control board. Found one of the three leads loose, not fitted to the post on the PCB. Now I had an image, albeit with storage hue and some other odd things going on. Found a preset on the control board called CRT bias. A small tweak of that and managed to get a good image. Not the most up to date bit of equipment, but well made and will well adequate for that radio repair work I do.

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