Renovación de cerveza casera FM

Clasificación de algunos transmisores de transmisión de FM para varias estaciones locales recientemente. Aquí hay uno típico. Una especie de cerveza casera. Tejido usando un poco 5 Watt Chineezium transmitter as an exciter and a Broadcast Warehouse 300 pallet module. A chunky 48V 10 amp PSU told to stay outside. The unit looks as if it has had a hard life and the power output device was dead. This chip, MRF151G is expensive, around 150€. Problem here is that with such a basic set up, you have no idea as to reflected power and the power output is determined by the setting of the exciter. Little fingers have a habit of winding it up and there ya go! Lucky as it goes, I had a drop in replacement device which when fitted and bias adjusted worked well. Always a bit uncertain as you can get instability silliness going on. A few capacitors replaced and all seems okay.

The power module as said is made by Broadcast Warehouse. Always well made and these units go on forever. I recall some time ago, repairing one of these modules and looking at the PCB under a magnifying glass, I saw a little silk screened image of a man, with a very large how’s your father. Made me chuckle. A while later when I rang BW and spoke to an engineer, I mentioned what I saw. He laughed and was impressed that I saw this. The owner of the business used to lay the PCBs out and it was his messing. That’s what I call a nice touch!

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