Línea de fugas 3

Algo agradable en lo que trabajar hoy. UN 50 sintonizador de FM Leak Troughline de un año, todavía con su boleto de inspección final 11/9/69. Fitted with a Mullard decoder. These tuners are a lovely piece of engineering, using a co-ax line resonator in the oscillator stage, making it very stable. It has an AFC switch, but you never need to use it. This set was in a poor state. The smoothing capdensor block was shot and had stressed the EZ80 rectifier valve beyond help. So it looks original, fitted replacement caps under chassis. Various other capdensors were leaky or open cct, so all changed along with a few resistors which had wondered away from their original value. Upset to have to replace 3 válvulas, ECF80, ECC88 and an EF80. As the EM84 magic eye had no image, I popped in a reasonable second hand one. Working very well and sounding great. May need a little realignment. Now to give it a good clean up.

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