Vista 36 Transistor 7

Un pequeño conjunto tan pequeño. Muy pequeño y solo toma 2 x pilas de 1.5v. The owner said I could have it after he saw my little face light up when he bought it in. Took the back off and all seemed to be original. I introduced 3 of the best volts from the bench power supply and switched on. Nada. Feeling a bit cheesed of, I hunted about with the scope and saw that there signs of RF pixies jumping around. The on-off volume control seemed to be open circuit. The wiper was covered in some sort of splodge. With that cleaned off, the set burst into life and made a cracking little racket from such a small box. Very sweet portable. The only thing needed was a bit of tape around the soeaker housing, as this was shorting out on the PCB.

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