Welcome to Zurgena Electronic Television and Audio Services

We provide repair and service of:
  • TV sets, Plasma, LCD, traditional Tube  (CRT), LED
  • Audio HiFi, home stereo, Midi systems, surround sound, Public Address and sound reinforcement.
  • Vintage valve HiFi (Leak, Quad, Rogers, Cyrus) and TVs a  specialist service
  • Games Consoles – Play Station 2, PS3, X-Box, Nintendo DS, DSi, DS3D, Wii
  • Amplifiers, guitar amplifiers, valve and solid state Marshall, Fender WEM.
  • Commercial broadcast and studio equipment, AM and FM (VHF) transmission systems, mixing desks, microphones, CD and tape systems, Reel to Reel tape recorders
  • Telephone systems, PABXs etc.
  • Process control, air conditioning control PCBs, electric gate and lighting control systems,
  • PCs, networks and associated applications.
  • Uninterruptible Power supplies (UPS), Solar inverter systems.
  • Household electrical and electronic items.

 Vintage valve audio equipment a speciality.  Domestic and commercial systems, including radio transmission.  Telephone advice and free quotes

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