We are now Authorised Telplay Agents

We are now Authorised Telplay Agents

Telplay offer internet, fixed phone and security services. The main difference with Telplay, over other resellers of internet bandwidth, is that the network is owned and maintained by Telplay, giving a non contended service.
The bandwidth as per your contract is guaranteed throughout the day, irrespective of the number of users connected. Telpay engineers will not allow the number of users connected to their network to exceed access point bandwidth. Thus maintaining download speeds at all times.
Please contact me for details, but below is a summary of the Internet service and costs.
10Mb download 25€ per month plus IVA.
3Mb download 20€ per month plus IVA
18Mb download 30€ plus IVA
Installation costs are as follows; 2 options.
One off 50€ (on the basis of 18 month contract) or without 18 month contract, add 30€.
This includes outside active antenna and in house cabling up to 15mtrs. 1.5€ per mtr after.
You can use a suitable compatible router of your choice or purchase a router for 35€ one off charge or rent at 3€ per month.
At time of taking out a contract, name, address will be required and bank details for Direct Debit.
An engineer will attend site following a check to see if your property is within range of network points. On site tests will be carried out and if successful, the contract starts at that point.

For all other services, please contact me.