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Hedley Jones….. Know about him?

As you know, I like writing about engineers and personalities that, in my opinion never received the recognition that they deserved. This chap did, sort of receive acknowledgements in his

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Bill Tutte – Bletchley park

Thos e of you who read my articles regularly, will appreciate that I have a passion for vintage electronics, engineers who have stamped their mark on our lives and who

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Bring back 78 rpm records???

A listeners’ request during my Valle radio 50s-60s wanting to hear a tune only available on a 78 rpm record, got to thinking about how recordings have changed over the

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All our eggs in a Chinese basket!

We all love our electronic techie toys, be they, phones, PCs, labour saving gadgets, TVs and so on. Especially now that these sorts of commodities are so cheap. Remember in

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The NHS RansomWare virus

The NHS RansomWare virus Well, what the hell was that all about? We recently saw how the NHS and many other companies and computer users were brought to their feet

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TV Remote Control

The TV Remote Control   Well, I have written about many interesting developments and engineers relating to the electronics industry, but this article is about the history of the most

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