1980 Grundig 26″ CRT TVS826 S100E repair

Never have been a lover of Grundig TVs. Had this set given to me, house clear out, along with a Betamax video recorder! TV had been sat there, all alone for 20 years. Didn’t really want to skip the set, so had a look inside. A few broken wires and some obvious dry joints. Used a variac to softly wake the set up after it’s long sleep and monitored the action and voltages around the main smoothing capdensor. Wound it up to full power, confidently expecting a bang. Apart from the degaussing circuit drawing current to start with, set sat there at 7 watts. Testing around and watching the power meter, it started to climb. 20-30 watts. Well, waited for a smell of burning followed by an earthquake. After about 5 mins, the power rose to 70 watts, followed by some static on the screen. Being an old Grundig, I expected the tube to be very soft. Dim raster was seen, so left it to stew for 20 mins. Adjusted A1 and focus controls and fed a signal into the tuner. Although the tube is past it’s best, gave a reasonable picture. Did I really hump these sets up and down stairs in my younger days??? I guess keep the set for amusement until I run out of space.

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