Akai 4000 7.5 IPS sleeves

We are having a number of Akai 4000 series tape deck 7.5 IPS sleeves made. These are quality aluminum sleeves that have been machined, not simple extrusions. They are 15mm long to give clearance above the pinch roller. 8mm diameter with 4mm centre hole, with enough clearance to ensure a good fit to the 3.75 IPS capstan. These will shortly be available in quantity. Each sleeve will be tested prior to shipping. Each sleeve will be supplied with a M4 knurled nut. Please see photos and video of a sleeve on an Akai 4000. The test tone (1 khz was recorded without a sleeve (3.75 IPS). The video and audio shows playback at 7.5 IPS, giving 2 khz. Drop outs are as a result of an aging deck and poor tape. Please email if you are interested in one or more sleeves.  info@zeta-services.tv   


15 thoughts on “Akai 4000 7.5 IPS sleeves”

  1. Good afternoon, I am looking for the case for an Akai X-2000DS, it is very similar but it has a tab. What is the price of this case?

    1. Michael König

      I would like to get one of your sleeves.

      1. Hi I would like to buy a Capstan sleeve and nut for Akai GX4000D
        Do you have any?

  2. I have a capstan slaver for AKAI x-2000.

  3. looking for a capstan sleeve for akai 4000d , how much for one shipped to b.c. canada v0g 1l1

  4. I’m interested in purchasing a sleeve for a 4400 machine. Are they available yet?

    1. 23€ plus IVA (21%), plus postage. Let me know your full address and post code and I can advise payment method and proforma is required.

  5. Hi Do you have any of the AKAI 4000 7-1/2 sleeves left?
    Shipment to Ireland

  6. Hi there, I would like to purchase the Capstan sleeve and nut for an Akai GX 4000D.

  7. Hi I’m intrested in akai gx 4000d capstain sleeve. I have the nut. How much would cost me posted to England?

    Regards Julian

  8. Hola me gustaria comprar un manguito de cabrestante y tuerca para Akai GX4000D
    Usted tiene alguna? envio a España y forma de pago, gracias

  9. Still waiting for a response to the Akai GX-4000D Capstan sleeve. If you have any I need one please. Thanks!!

    1. Witam,
      proszę o kontakt w sprawie tulei i nakrętki do gx-4400. Mieszkam w Polsce.


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