Akai 4000 7.5 IPS sleeves


We are having a number of Akai 4000 series tape deck 7.5 IPS sleeves made. These are quality aluminum sleeves that have been machined, not simple extrusions. They are 15mm long to give clearance above the pinch roller. 8mm diameter with 4mm centre hole, with enough clearance to ensure a good fit to the 3.75 IPS capstan. These will shortly be available in quantity. Each sleeve will be tested prior to shipping. Each sleeve will be supplied with a M4 tapered nut. Please see photos and video of a sleeve on an Akai 4000. The test tone (1 khz was recorded without a sleeve (3.75 IPS). The video and audio shows playback at 7.5 IPS, giving 2 khz. Drop outs are as a result of an aging deck and poor tape. Please email if you are interested in one or more sleeves.  info@zeta-services.tv    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pF871sV70sk

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