Ferguson 1960s Stereo radiogram

This was about to go to the skip. Seemed a shame to see that happen, given the case was in top condition, not a scratch. So, I thought a restore would be a good project. Replace lots of nast Hunts waxy capacitors, Selenium HT rectifier, 3 valves, EABC 80, ECC85 and ECH81. Oh, and chuck in a new EM84 magic eye. Service the BSR record deck and replace stylus. Sounding fantastic. Stands in the workshop as a talking point. Many offers to buy it.

2 thoughts on “Ferguson 1960s Stereo radiogram”

  1. Hi,
    I have just acquired a Blaupunkt Radiogram,
    And I wish to have it completely restored.
    The sliding glass door is missing, and I think the glass shelves are not original.
    The radio works, but the turntable needs attention!
    Could you offer any advise, or is this something you could do?

    Tony Rose

  2. is the ferguson sterio radiogram in the picture for sale? if so how much?


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