Ferrograph RTS2 test set

Strange how things come around. When I moved to Spain, I thought I would be leaving tape recorder repairs behind me. But, after starting Zeta Services, I was proved quite wrong. With the rebirth of vinyl records, I have seen a steady increase in repair requests for record decks and high end reel to reel machines. Amazing what creeps out the woodwork.

A lot of test gear was sold off prior to my moving. I am now finding myself buying bits and pieces in order to make some repairs easier. RF equipment, signal generators, deviation meters, analysers for supporting radio stations for example.

Spotted a Ferrograph RTS2 test set on fleebay. These are becoming are rare as Unicorn sperm. Of course sold as “working”. How any non technical person can make that sort of comment needs thinking about. These machines are quite handy as several tests such as drift, wow and flutter, noise and distortion are all contained under one bonnet. Yes, a ‘scope and signal generator can be used. My main concern with this set was that the meter was in working order. The electronics tended to throw the needle about a bit. Sure it didn’t work when it got here. 2 faults, the oscillator and something else, can’t recall. But, as with all decent kit sold years ago, it came with a good users guide and circuit diagrams. All seems to be up and running now. It proves the 7.5 IPS Akai sleeves I have had made do their job with no wow. Yes I know I should get it calibrated. I have checked the measurements of the case with what is stated in the manual. Spot on.

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