Murphy A262 table top wireless

Murphy A262 table top wireless.


This set was sent over to me here in Spain from a friend. It had been sitting in the workshop for 5 years, gathering dust. When it first arrived, I remember giving it a go – no go test. Just a feint crackle on the AM bands.

Given the Covid induced quietness and having a clear out, I thought I would have a look to see if it could be got working.

Out with the chassis and a test on AM bands LW and MW. Couple of stations but weak. FM, nothing at all. This set was one of the early adopters of the ECC85 valve fitted to the FM tuning heart. The original valve looked very tired and was running cool. HT was present to the FM tuner, albeit a bit low. With a very strong signal injected at the antenna from the signal generator, at around 100Mhz, I feint tone could be heard. A new ECC85 fitted and a scope around, showed that there was an output from the FM tuner at I.F. level, so all seemed ok there. As with a lot of these sets, Hunts and TTC capacitors were used. So, given these were never great when brand new, out with the clippers and 10 capacitors later, we had another go. All of these were very leaky with one used in the mixer section was down to 40k Ohm. Joy of joys, we now had FM, of sorts. In the RF stages this set uses a 6C9, which I no longer have any spares of. And, a 6F15. The later was replaced and now I had great FM, very sensitive and good AM. Add in a couple of dial lights

So, quite pleased it was saved from the scrap box. Just need to clean the chassis and attend to a sad case. Sounds good and strong with a substantial output from a 6P1 valve with a 8” Celestion speaker.

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