PCS transmitter

Been setting up a few of these as of late. I have to say that I have been a little disappointed in the set up of these units. From a hardware point of view, given the cost and the fact they are aimed at the semi-pro market the products are good. The aspects that let these down seems to be within the final set up and QA. We installed a 800 watt unit a couple of months ago and it was found that the audio was a little distorted with a lot of background fuzz. With the transmitter on the bench and investigation showed that although the audio meter indication read normal, the exciter stage was way over modulating. Also the pilot tone for the stereo side of things was far too high. With the transmitter dismantled, we were able to adjust internal settings and levels in order to achieve the correct FM deviation and pilot tones. PCS provide some good kit, modules, exciters, power amplifier slabs etc… Their complete package offers are made up of their modules assembled in one box. Hopefully we have overcome the issues now they are aware.

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