Philips Philetta BD263U

A friend, Alan Sykes, ex BBC guy brought this little gem in for a sort out. As Alan is a nice guy I agreed to do this. You have to understand there is a lot going on with this set in a tiny space. LW, MW, SW and VHF, all crammed into a tight space. Nearly all the pap[er capacitors were leaky and had to be replaced. Picking away at keyhole surgery carefully snipping around. Real headache. The main problem with these AD-DC sets is the output stage. Coupling capacitors and associated parts all fail upsetting the bias conditions of the UL41 output valve. This runs hot and eventually ends up with heater-cathode leaks. This gives a nasty hum that cannot be got rid of. Same thing happens with the BUSH DAC90s. Eventually got it up and running and a touch of alignment, sounded very good.


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