Quad 33 / 303

Well that was a surprise. A nice afternoon I thought, quick check over, even with the blindfold on….Oh no…A Quad 33-303 came in with the owner saying there were a couple of faults. One easy, okay. the other.. One channel of the main amp, 303, was down but about 20%. Really annoying. Having to resort to the diagram, scope and lucky rabbits foot. Disconnected the -ve feedback to see where the fault is. I didn’t sign up for a half day’s hassle with one of these. Still not finished. What the hell is going on????? After much head scratching, there seemed to be a combination of faults. Various resistors and a few capacitors. The customer really wanted a budget job and didn’t want to spend too much. So, enough to get it working, but needs more! 

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