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Vinyl Records in Stereo!

Last month we had a little focus on how vinyl records have been making a come-back. I said I would follow up with how vinyl stereo came about and judging

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Vinyl Records – The Come back!

I have written about early recording techniques and 78 RPM records etc. The early ‘80s saw the CD being introduced and we all watched Tomorrow’s World as they heralded in

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A few months ago, I wrote about how we could all be subject to electronic eavesdropping and internet monitoring.  That was relating, more or less to the public end user.

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Radio during the war years!

With the onset of WW2, industry in Britain changed dramatically. Typical affected areas were of course Radio and TV. Many of the manufacturing and technology companies who had been designing

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Thorn Electronic Industries

If like me you’re the wrong end of 50, you may recall many household electrical goodies showing the brand Ferguson, HMV, Marconi, Ultra etc. It all started with Joules Thorn

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