Universal Audio 6176 Compressor limiting amplifier

Universal Audio 6176 Compressor limiting amplifier

This little treasure came in today. And, I have to say gets the Seth’s sign of approval for build quality, component quality, and smells great. Even pays homage to the 1950s style of chunky knobs of the Ferranti and Ampex days. Good on ya. Oh, we will chuck in a couple of 12AT7s, ECC81s. Would look great in Sam Philip’s Sun Studio.

The customer said that it didn’t seem to work. Well that’s a good start. Testing it seemed to prove that all was okay, Line inputs seemed to work correctly. I tried a microphone in the front Hi Z input, all was okay, but the XLR input at the back was dead. Now this has a proper balanced-unbalanced transformer and lots of small switching relays. There are also many socket interconnected PCBs. After gentle tapping, all started working. No signs of dry joints, as the PCBs were lovely. Reseated numerous connectors and tested. All good. I hope that was the only fault. Not nice when you cannot say definitively what you found as the fault.

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