Breeze 97.7FM relocation

Good when a plan all comes together. Been working on the relocation of the transmitter for Breeze 97.7 FM. Prime location using one of Albox on Line’s masts. Many thanks to Kevin Pitt, owner of Albox on Line for setting up a VLAN tunnel so that we could connect audio over IP from the studio to the transmitter way up in the hills. We used Barix encoders and decoders for this and they worked very well with good latency. Well done to Paul who braved the winds and fixed the antenna in place. I never trust the manufacturers (arreff) tuning instructions for antennas. Was proved right, manually setting it prior to final fitting. Not a spot of reflected power. Thanks to Andy Durrant for his help in making off the coax feeds and stopping me from ripping all the coax down. Set up levels and checked deviation was spot on. Very good coverage.

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