Hacker RP35 Transistor Portable radio

These radios were meant for grown-ups. Well made, solid and Mr. Hacker showing off his engineering skills obtained in a previous life at Roberts. You can see why these sets were expensive. A little over engineered, with a metal sort of chassis, separate amplifier PCB with connectors etc. These sets suffer with the dreaded metal ended resistor problems and bad connections. However, when sorted out, these sets produce a massive good quality sound, via a speaker the size of a dustbin. This model is only LW-MW. A VHF only set was released about a year later, then one with LW, MW and VHF, albeit limited to 101Mhz maximum. These sets use 2 x PP9, 9V batteries. They are wired in series, giving a belting 18V for the wireless to play with. This allows for the substantial sound along with separate bass and treble controls. It sounds like a 1950s radiogram in the corner of your front room.

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