ITT/KB SL75 radio cassette

A friend in the UK sent this set out to me in a box of other radios, some for keeps and some for repairs. As a teenager in the early ‘70s, I always wanted one of these sets, having seen it in an ITT-KB catalogue. The report on this set was that the mechanism was jammed up and nothing worked. Taking the back off, showed a very well made machine. A screened mains transformer, fuses, solid mechanics, lots of I.F. transformers and coils to give the twiddler hours of fun. First stared by trying to clear off the old grease that had turned to cement, from around the cassette mechanism. Eventually freed up the piano buttons and got that working. The drive belts had long gone to meet the big rubber tree in the sky. Cleaned off the black glue with lighter petrol and fitted some nice new belts. A squirt of cleaning fluid into the various mode switched and controls. Then, power up.FM reception was brilliant, even with the antenna down and inside the office which is well shielded from the outside and full of all sorts of RFI from bits of kit on. MW and LW worked well outside the office too. The cassette heads were polished with some rouge, demagnetized and cleaned. The tapes sounded good, almost HiFi. Forward and rewind all working. I should thing these sets were made under license in Japan and were certainly better than the norm of the day. Guess that’s why my pocket money could never stretch to such a thing.

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