Bush TR230 AM portable

Sorting  through a box of portable radios, a Bush fell onto the bench. There was a range of these sets brought out by the Rank Bush Murphy group over quite a few years. This one felt quite light, so I guessed it was one of the later versions, stripped of lots of nice discrete components and metal work. Thinking that the set, not having been powered up for 30 plus years, it would be in a sorry state. A quick look inside and indeed it was a 70s set with an I.C. for the RF section. How dare it. Where were all the AF115s and 117s to play with? Popped 9 V on the power supply and turn on. Great sound and loads of volume. These sets have a large speaker and sound great for an A.M. only receiver. Has a nice preset button set for 247 mtrs, UK Radio 1. The older version of this set had a button reserved for 208 mtrs Radio Luxemburg. Clean up and put to bed for another 30 years.

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