PCS CyberMax 600 transmitter repair

Another transmitter in for repair. A nice PCS CyberMax 600 with an upset final stage as a result of over enthusiastic operation. Coverage is not just about power.

The final PA stage held out as long as it could, had suffered heat stress, so for a more reliable repair, the output stage pallet was replaced with an upgraded unit which was a drop-in replacement. As usual, good advice and support from PCS, Marko and his team. Set the bias so the stage cannot be run outside what is considered reasonable. I am amazed how these transmitters soldier on given the conditions they work in, stuck up in little cabins on top of mountains running at 40 deg C plus. Good design. These units have good fans and blowers, so I always suggest at least once a year, they are taken off air for a good clean out and check over. The last one check, as the output had a strange buzz in the background, was found to have a gecko sat fried on the exciter PCB. His fault, shouldn’t have been there.

If you are interested in radio, audio and TV transmission, it is worth keeping an eye on the PCS site. Lots of good toys to play with! https://www.pcs-electronics.com/

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  1. Steve Greenfield

    Another fine review, thank you and I hope you didn’t charge for the Gecko cremation.


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