An interesting project

Here is an interesting project. A client asked me if I could make a power supply for a coil. Okay was the reply, but I wanted more information obviously. After a couple of hours conversation and winning over his confidence, I got to the bottom of what was required.

He claimed that he was infested with nano particles. The small particles being sophisticated electronic controlling devices. If you read up on the internet you will see that there is a very big movement on this subject. He wanted to rid himself of these and they way to do this, he advised, was to destroy them using a pulse of energy. To cut a long story short, the final design was a power supply that generated a momentary high pulse of current, approx 4 milli seconds duration, 80 Amps, into a large coil. The coil was made by the client, fitted with magnets that I am lead to understand direct the magnetic field to the centre. Parts of the body, arms, legs are placed through the coil. The resulting magnetic pulse induced into the coil by the repeating pulse generation, destroys the nano robots. These present themselves to the skin’s surface.

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