Ekco Radio A28

This is one of my Ekco sets, A28, probably the best one made. Several short wave bands and the usual Med and Long. New capacitors throughout and a new EM34 magic eye. The set performs so well. You can see how the war time manufacturing helped Ekco make great post war sets. Very sensitive and selective. The video shows the set working on Short Wave with a small bit of wire, draped over the floor. Sorry for the background racket from all the switch mode power supplies around.

3 thoughts on “Ekco Radio A28”

  1. I restore antique radios for a hobby. A friend just asked me to fix his Ekco A28. Problem is, I can’t find a schematic for it and I’m a yank, not a Brit. Anyone around who can help. Phone (520) 444-4390 Larry kh6ity Grants, New Mexico

    1. Hola Larry tengo una radio Ekco A28 pero no es el modelo británico sino el de exportación. La radio de tu amigo es también modelo de exportación? tendrás fotos de esa radio aun? Estoy rastreando este modelo de exportación porque mi radio no tiene la cubierta de madera y quiero replicarla.


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