ENGL guitar amplifiers

Another couple of these in the other day. I am not sure what the guitarists think of these amps from a sound point of view, I’d rather change a bogie motor on a British Rail 125 loco whilst it’s going along than play with one of these. These amps win the prizes for most silly knobs and buttons and most awkward to service. To access the main board, everything has to come out, controls PCB etc…. and to test whilst on is bloody hard work. Ribbon wires break off, goes on and on. The PCB is upside down so you cant see whats going on. All you have are the usual burning signs and dry joints. Be careful when you try and resolder, as the components fall off then you have to do a major strip down. And, why do we have to put LEDs behind the output haves? German made? ummmmm

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