Fender 185 Pro

Friday morning project. A very tired Fender Pro185. Okay, not a hot glowing glass bulb of loveliness in site. But we need the bills paying so when the Devil shits in your handbag, we need to become solid state ish. Now this poor thing seems to have been interfered with as if it had been in a church choir all it’s life. Strange lumps of solder, main smoothing capdensors broken away from tracks and 100uF non polorised capacitors in the final stages changed for what looked like parts from a 1930s crystal set. 2 out of the 4 output transistors were short. This is unusual for Fenders as the cct design is normally bullet proof and the MJ15003s are quite stout little chappies and over rated for the job. Well done Fender. Anyway, a full check over, repairs, replacement bits and inject all controls with the Zeta Services cleaning fluid cocktail. This being a heavily guarded secret, IPA (alcohol, not the beer) , oil, liquid alsytrene, Durylium trisulphersmyth and Wray and Nephew rum. A careful power up with current limiters on and joy of joys. Even the solid state Fenders sound nice, little bit of warmth, unlike the Marshall chainsaw sound signature. I was so emotional, I even washed the cabinet and stuck the rexine back down.

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