Heathkit Guitar amplifier

A slight come down from the usual guitar amplifiers that I get asked to service. This was Heathkits’ answer to a DSL Marshall stack. Thank God Keith Moon had forgotten to stuff his set of strings through this one.

This was so sweet. The case was a sort of ply wood come cardboard. A 6” speaker and a chassis that was screwed and glued in place. Both speaker coupling and reservoir capdensors were open circuit. These were nice great big things, the size of small twin bathroom apartments. Not bad for some 60 years I guess. AND, we call these RESERVIOR not filter. OKAY?? Good. This little amp boasted 2 inputs and, Tremolo, with speed and depth controls. All germanium transistors, I was hoping these were okay. Replacing the poor capdensors and seeing to the dry joints, the beauty worked so well, great tremolo, volume and tone, I was quite overcome.

Off for a private moment.

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  1. Steve Greenfield

    I had a friend who was a Heathkit fan, built a stereo receiver late 1970’s that was rather sweet sounding too


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