Murphy A262C floor standing

Cannot resist bringing back to life a radio that was going to the skip. A nice Murphy A262. This chassis came along in the mid ‘50s, just as VHF-FM was just starting in the UK. One of the first chassis that used the newly developed Mullard ECC85 valve in the FM section as a RF amp and oscillator. The thing that lets these sets down and loads of others of that era was the use of HUNTS capdensors. These things were rubbish even when delivered from the factory. Anyway, about 10 of these replaced, the smoothing block emptied and fitted with new electrolytic capdensors and sealed to make things look original.. I.F transformers tweeked and the set worked really well. FM VHF nice a sensitive and loads of volume through a 10” loud speaking speaker, driven by a chubby little 6P1 pentode, that needs to go on a diet. The set makes enough racket to fill a large room. Only problem now, is that the mixer oscillator valve 6C9 is becoming hard to find.

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