DUAL 1228 Turn Table

This nice turntable came in with a report of not working.

Quick power up showed supply was getting to the motor, drawing about 10 watts and the Neon speed lamp was on.  Removal of the turntable showed that the motor spindle was flopping about all over the place. Strange. So out with the motor. Once dismantled, it was seen that the top bearing retaining spring and plate was hanging loose. The top and bottom bearing support brackets are made from horrid diecast cheese metal. Someone had tried a repair in the past, I guess by trying to burnish the deges of the bearing housing over to keep the retaining plate in place. This had just damaged the surrounds, luckily not cracking to complete bracket. The only way of retaining the retaining washer with enough force to keep the sintered bronze bearing in place was to do a work around.

Drilled 2 lots of 2 wholes either side of the bearing centre. Soldered some TCW to the retaining washer and fed the ends of the wire through the wholes, twisting and soldering in place. This now worked a treat. Reassembled and all working.

However, not being familiar with the turntable, in automatic mode the arm lands nowhere near the edge of the record. I guess that the same chap who had butchered the motor also tried to have a go at this part of the mechanism. Project for another day as the mechanism looks quite awkward to work on. Shame the owner had not protected the stylus. That won’t be playing again.Any Dual experts out there??

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