Hacker Sovereign 2

Nice chunky portable turned up for repair. Hacker Sovereign 2. Mains and battery, LW, MW and VHF-FM. wow!  Mr. Hacker was an engineer with Roberts Radio, making lovely radios. Mr. Hacker decided to leave and set up his own manufacturing company and after many hours of careful consideration, named it…Hacker.
It won’t surprise you to see that the design of Hacker radios are very similar to Roberts and in my opinion, they have the edge. The set was dead due to a faulty on-off switch within the volume control. No way would I be able to find a replacement to fit, so a separate power toggle switch was fitted at the rear. Now we had power, the set was very knock sensitive. There are several PCBs linked together with small plugs and connectors and most of these tend of oxidize of the years. The other issue is that the resistors used are film metal ended ones. The end crimps suffer with intermittent contact, resulting in a host of faults. If you really want to do a first class job, these should be replaced, But, the cost is high, time consuming, fiddly. Even worse if the set has been stored in a damp environment. The other thing is that the FM tuner heart only goes up to 101 MHz, limiting you to listening to grown up radio stations. A bit of tweaking up and she worked really well. Big loudspeaker driven by a germanium  push pull transistor stage, delivering several kilowatts of power. Bass and treble controls.


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  1. Nice to know that will still be working when all the modern flat screen tv S laptops and cats have fo be scrapped through obsolescence !

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