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Analogue vs Digital The Audio World

A donation of a nice 1960 Ferguson Radiogram got me thinking about the re-immerging of analogue recording techniques, vinyl records etc. Having got the set working to an “out the

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Who is listening in part 2

Hello. Hope its warm enough for you all. In the last issue, I touched on the topic of electronic eavesdropping and so on, post WW2 and into the ‘70s. In

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Who is listening in?

  I was talking to a customer the other day about electronic eavesdropping. Strange topic I know. Thinking about how things have changed. After WW2, throughout the Cold and War

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A brief history of the Internet!

  We have been digitally communicating with each other for well over a hundred years. We had Semaphore Watch Towers, and Railway Telegraphy where electromagnets, energized from far down the

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Home Chain Radar

“Home chain Radar”. What’s that all about? Well, before World War 2 started, the government set out to provide an early warning system which would be able to detect nasty

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Quick history of Colour TV

  Last month, I wrote about some classic old radios. A customer, ex TV engineer, came in during week and we had a walk down TV memory lane. Colour TV

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