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Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla, Brilliant engineer and inventor of the “Death Ray”? Born in Croatia, 1856, Tesla was to become a massive influence in the area of electrical engineering. After school and

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Classic radios of the past

Classic radios of the past Wireless set from the ‘40s-60s, were shackled to a degree performance wise, given that transmitted material was limited to Medium and Long Wave. This gave

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Alan Blumleine

Unsung engineers that gave us things we take for granted Alan Blumleine  1903-1942 Now here’s a clever chap that not many people would have heard about. Amongst other things, his

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How servicing has changed!

Talking about radio and TV over the last couple of months make you realise how things have changed from a servicing point of view. In the 50s-60s, electrical goods were

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Portable Radios!!

Well, owning a portable radio is one of those things you have to achieve before leaving this planet. Ever since Marconi got fed up with painting his bathroom and decided

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Juke Boxes and a rusty tool box

I got chatting to a customer the other day about juke boxes. So I thought I would write and bore you again. Always been fascinated by Juke Boxes. Probably goes

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