Simarc MR 2120C

Sinmarc MR-2120C

Another one of these treasures came in the other day. As I have mentioned, I have a soft spot for these Spanish made clones of Fender amps. The transformers both output and mains are substantial. All the usual capacitors replaced and the odd carbon composition resistor that had wandered away from it’s true value. The valves seemed to be original Valvo types and all seemed fine on the AVO tester. A good clean up and a test showing full output with negligible distortion once the bias was set up. These amps have good damping and gives a wonderful bottom end, 20-25Hz. Of course, we have to admire the EM87 magic eye showing you when you reach full output, just in case you are deaf.


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  1. I would put a magic eye on everything, so much more attractive than the piercing blue LED that seems to be in vogue for the past 20 years

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